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Water Pressure

Poor Water Pressure

Poor water pressure can be caused by alot of different things, such as blocked pipes, screens in taps , hole in a water line, running toilet etc.
Call Bluenose Well Drilling Ltd, we will solve your problem for you.

Franklin Electric`s constant pressure systems, the Sub Drive family.

We can change the speed of the pump to meet your demand for water, while keeping pressure constant throughout the system.

Sub Drive systems use a pressure sensor to detect water pressure, send a signal to the controller and regulate the speed of the pump. Instead of turning on and off when pressure tanks read a certain psi (generally 40 or 60),

Franklin`s constant pressure system keeps your tank at one pressure level, providing your home with a never ending steady flow of water. In a constant pressure system when water demand increases, pump speed increases and when water demand decreases, the pump only runs as much as necessary to meet demand.

Also, Franklin constant pressure systems do not require large tanks for storage; smaller and lighter tanks can be used and even mounted off the floor, saving space.

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